Here are some of the services Maskil Audio offers. While our primary focus is in live sound for houses of worship, we also have experience with many other venues and formats. If live sound isn’t what you’re looking for, we also have experience with recording, mixing, and mastering.

Live Sound Reinforcement

Live Mixing

Mike first learned to mix in church, experiencing a great variety of live sound scenarios. Mixing in a house of worship involves aspects of musical and spoken theater, individual presenters, and live and prerecorded music.

Mike and Maskil Audio can fill your need for a Front of House or Monitor mixer in a single-show situation or something more long term. If your venue has a special event, or you’re a band looking for a regular sound human — or anything in between — we can help.

Sound System Setup and Maintenance

Maskil Audio can perform various setup and maintenance tasks on your existing sound system. If you upgraded some equipment recently, or things just aren’t quite sounding right, we provide system evaluations and tuning. Additionally, we can also advise on future upgrades to your well-performing system to stay ahead of your needs down the road.

Sound System Training

All too often in houses of worship, purchasing new equipment can leave volunteers not sure what to do. People who want to do their best won’t always know how to work with the shiny new gadget! Maskil Audio can help with that. Mike is experienced in teaching everything from the basics of what audio mixing is, to more specific topics depending on your needs and equipment.

Sound System Design Consulting

If it’s time to upgrade your existing sound system, or install a new one in your venue, we can help. Houses of worship and sound system installers don’t always speak the same language, but Maskil Audio will help translate. Mike’s experiences as a pastor and sound human can bridge the gap and help you get the best result for your venue.

Alhough our specialty is houses of worship, we can help you no matter what your venue and focus.

Studio / Recording


Maskil Audio offers production advice to achieve the best possible sound for your project. We will advise you on such things as: arranging, instrumentation, song structure, musicianship, podcasting, and more.


Maskil Audio can accommodate almost all of your recording needs. We have a variety of microphones and direct boxes for recording at our location or yours and can record up to 16 channels at one time.


Maskil Audio has two full featured digital audio workstations (Cakewalk Sonar and Presonus Studio One) to make your recorded tracks sound their best. If you choose not to have Maskil record for you, we can use your own prerecorded tracks. We’re willing to work with you as needed to give you the best experience possible.


Maskil Audio can master your project and have it ready for physical or digital release as needed. We always keep current standards and practices in mind to make your project stand out in the best ways.