Maskil Audio will coordinate your audio experience — be it a podcast, song, playhouse, church, or whatever you dream — from start to finish.

Live Sound


Mike cut his teeth mixing in the church audio world. Mixing in a religious setting involves knowledge of mixing live music, pre-recorded music, and theater. Maskil Audio can fill your need for a Front of House or Monitor mixer in a single-show situation or something more long term.

System Setup, Training, and Maintenance

Maskil Audio will perform setup and maintenance tasks for your sound system, including: initial setup and training, adjustments and system tuning, and needs analysis and upgrade advice.

In the future, we plan to add equipment sales to the list of services we provide.

System Design

Maskil Audio works with you to design a sound reinforcement system to meet your unique needs both now and in the years to come. We will help you create a full system and advocate for you with more specialized install companies.

Though we specialize in audio for churches, we can help you no matter your venue and focus.

Studio / Recording


Maskil Audio offers production advice to achieve the best possible sound for your project. We will advise you on such things as: arranging, instrumentation, song structure, musicianship, podcasting, and more.


Maskil Audio can accommodate almost all of your recording needs. We have a variety of microphones and direct boxes for recording at our location or yours and can record up to 16 channels at one time.


Maskil Audio has two full featured digital audio workstations (Cakewalk Sonar and Presonus Studio One) to make your recorded tracks sound their best. Even if you choose not to have Maskil record for you, we will use your pre-recorded tracks. We’re willing to work with you as needed to give you the best experience possible.


Maskil Audio can master your project and have it ready for physical or digital release as needed. We always keep current standards and practices in mind to make your project stand out in the best ways.