Thank you for visiting for Maskil Audio for your live sound reinforcement needs — bringing clear, balanced sound to Western Pennsylvania.

In 2009, Mike Galica started Maskil Studios in Utah, a resource for pod-casters and casual home studios, and produced the now-defunct podcast @DigitalZero. Years later, Mike started using his experience to help churches improve their live sound systems. This shift in focus led to Maskil Studios becoming Maskil Audio. In 2022, Mike’s work as a pastor brought him to Western Pennsylvania, where Maskil Audio is now based.

At Maskil Audio, we realize that churches and professional audio companies speak different languages. Mike’s familiarity with both professional audio and the unique needs of churches makes translating between these languages easy.

While Maskil Audio’s specialty is church sound systems, we can help with any of your audio or acoustic needs. If you have a live sound reinforcement issue, especially if you’re a religious institution, Maskil Audio can help!

“Maskil” is a Hebrew word applied to 13 Psalms in the Bible. The term applies to “wisdom” psalms: ones that look through the chaos of life into a better future. The authors of theses psalms don’t skirt around problems, but meet them head-on. It’s just the kind of thing we hope to do with your audio needs — work through what seems like chaos to find your perfect solution.

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