Maskil Audio’s commitment is providing you the best possible audio experience. To achieve this, we follow three core values when approaching your studio or live reinforcement needs:


Whether providing live sound for a corporate event, church service, stage performance, or anything else; clarity, especially when it comes to lyrics or speech, is essential.

Being clear means more to us than just providing quality audio reproduction; it is also our desire to be as up front and honest with you as possible so that your project is the best it can be.


“Balanced” is an important word for building an audio mix. It means everything is in its place sonically, with nothing too loud or too quiet. A balanced mix will sound “right” to our ears.

We also seek to be balanced in the techniques we use and teach. By combining tried and true methods with more unorthodox ones, we create a solution for any environment so your audience can faithfully experience your content the way you intend.


When it comes to audio, the “Sound” is usually the most important part. It’s the idea in your head for the end result of your project. But if you’ve ever tried to explain to someone else what that sounds like, you know how difficult it can be! We want to help you get your “sound” out to your audience, and know how to translate from layperson to audio professional.

Sound also reflects the expertise and competence we bring to your project. We will use our knowledge and experience to set you up for success. We believe skills are meant to be shared and used so your needs are met and your project exceeds your expectations.