Mixing Monitors from Front of House

One of the most common experiences in churches and other medium-sized venues is mixing monitors from the front of house position. In smaller venues, musicians won’t have monitors at all; they can hear themselves fine either acoustically or through the front of house sound system. In larger venues, there’s often another technician whose sole job is to mix monitors for the musicians. But in what seems like most venues, there’s only one person — and that person is likely you.

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“Beta” Release of Maskil Audio Mixing Quick Reference

Today is the beta release of the Maskil Audio Mixing Quick Reference document. For now, it lives on Google Docs, but once it’s ready, it’ll be on this website for public viewing.

This is a basic primer on how to run live sound, written especially for those with limited live sound experience. It still needs some polish, and I need your help! Please, as you read it over, leave a comment to help me get this done, out of beta and ready for its actual release. I’m especially looking for help with the glossary, but I welcome all your comments.

Thanks in advance for your help, and I hope we can help each other out!

Here’s the link: Maskil Audio Quick Reference – Beta